Nov 15, 2021

prysm is an open-source library for physical and first-order modeling of optical systems and analysis of related data. You can use prysm to…

  • Do multi-plane diffraction calculations

  • Do image chain or integrated modeling

  • Process data from commercial interferometers, MTF benches, and design/analysis software

This list is not exhaustive, feel free to file a PR to add more to this list!

This documentation is divided into four categories; a series of tutorials that teach step-by-step, a set of how-tos that show individual more advanced usages, a reference guide that includes the API-level documentation, and a set of explanation articles that teach you the core philsophy and design behind this library. If you’re looking for “getting started” - take a look at tutorials!


prysm is on pypi:

>>> pip install prysm

prysm requires only numpy and scipy.

Optionally, plotting uses matplotlib. Images are read and written with imageio. Some MTF utilities utilize pandas. Reading of Zygo datx files requires h5py. Installation of these must be done prior to installing prysm.

Prysm’s backend is runtime interchangeable, you may also install and use cupy or other numpy/scipy API compatible libraries if you wish.



API Reference


Release History